Your Voice Your Message - Your Formula for Discovering,
Designing and Deploying Your Story and Passion


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Do you have a message, something you are passionate about? Are you a coach, speaker, topic expert who has a desire to make a greater difference?
In this book Scott Johnson will take you by the hand and show you how to take your knowledge, experience and expertise and make a difference in the lives of people. Do you desired to leave a legacy and make a difference?
Scott helps you get clarity about your message, your market, creating a product and building an authority brand. 

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Buy the Kindle Version for Only $0.99
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About Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson is an author of six books, he is an entrepreneur and speaker. He along with his wife Debra has been working with people, coaching and assisting individuals and entrepreneurs for 25 years. Scott has spoken to groups in the U.S. and internationally in many formats. He brings a unique message that transcends and communicates across many levels dealing with things that stop people from moving forward in life and in business.

He leads Speakers in Colorado with a membership of over 700 members and owns which is a directory listing for event planners who are looking for speakers for their events.  He teaches workshops and seminars on a variety of topics which include a 30 book creation program, helps individuals and businesses amplify their voice and get heard above the noise of the crowd.

Scott has been heard internationally through his Empowered Living Seminars including on satellite radio through out Kenya, Africa. His writings have also been widely distributed throughout the Philippines as well.


Scott’s mission is to help individuals find their voice, message and purpose and provide them with the tools, systems and resources that will amplify their message to the world.